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COVID and Tourism - Where we currently stand

 | Published on 12/14/2020

While COVID continues to threaten us all, San Francisco continues to lead with very aggressive measures to limit its spread. We are proud to have some of the lower infection rates of any major city partly due to our early shutdown last March.

There has been some backpedaling of late, but we can already see how the city will eventually reopen. Of course, the highly anticipated vaccines will make a huge difference but we could be well into the second quarter before there is any meaningful impact. Meantime San Francisco is greenlighting lots of sidewalk eating/drinking spaces, with construction on sidewalks all over town. Restaurants are alternately closed and open as conditions permit, so check before heading out. Most offer takeout and will be using their outdoor spaces.

Also, parks remain open, including Golden Gate Park and the National Park in the Presidio. New are the local roads closed throughout the city to help citizens seeking outdoor recreation; be aware of block closures as you drive around town. For a real treat rent a bike or hike through Golden Gate Park (now mostly closed to traffic) out to the Great Highway next to the ocean, a section of which now closed to traffic.

Alas, museums and other forms of indoor entertainment are curtailed probably through year end.

We foresee a rolling reopening through the Spring so now is a good time for finding bargains. Book that overdue trip to America’s Favorite City for 2021 and make sure to Hire A Guide!