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2018 SFTGG Holiday Party

2018 Holiday Party

The 2018 SFTGG Holiday party was held for the third time running at the Italian American Athletic Club.  As usual the gathering was a smashing success. 
New and long time members alike mingled in the festively decorated hall, thanks to Linda Reynolds and her team.  Toys for tots again were collected , thanks to Mia, in a Fire Department barrel for the benefit of the Paradise fire victims.

Following the plentiful repast, music from the Suzy Q quintet, songs by Suzy Q herself, and a unique if abbreviated performance of the 12 Days of Christmas by Mark Kasulen (CTG)  regaled the crowd!

Mark happily shares his creation with the intention that guides add some fun to San Francisco holiday season tour.  It is a playful song to sing with holiday spirited guests, as the guide intersperses factual commentary of each "Day" throughout the song.  "try it and see for yourselves!

Mia announced the results of the nomination and election to the 2019 Board of Trustees.  The three nominees who accepted their nomination  will be formally seated at the first Board meeting in January.  Ed Franklin and Garrett Ethridge will each serve a second term, and Suzy Abbott will step on to the Board for her first term. Thanks you to all.

Len then introduced the anticipated  next President of the Guild, Helen Hickman, who as usual, had enthusiastic words on the Guild and it's members.

Retiring members Bruce Marinace, Linda Reynolds and Len Holmes were all thanked  for their past dedicated service.

Len and Linda have both indicated a willingness to serve on some of the Guild's committees.


City Hall and Veterans Building Tour

On December 6, 20 enthusiastic  guides toured City Hall and the Herbst Theater in the Veteran's Building across Van Ness Avenue.

The first phase covered the logistics of doing a tour in City Hall, including the location of interesting photos, statues and busts of former mayors, and a description and discussion of the base isolation systems for earthquake protection.

Sharon at the Veterans building gave us a wonderful, if short, tour of the Herbst Theatre and a view of the spectacular murals from the 1915 PPIE,

Then it was back to City Hall.  City Hall Historian, and docent leader, Ellen Schumer, presented in her delightfully unique fashion many of the interesting details of City Hall and it's history.

There will be a sequel to this tour in the spring.  It will cover Symphony Hall, Opera House, the War Memorial and the Veterans Building in greater detail.  Stay tuned for more info.

2019 NFTGA Insurance  Information is here!

 To see a full description of the policy descriptions and considerations, 2019 Insurance Q & A

To see the policy summary,   2019 Insurance Summary

Follow this link to purchase insurance for 2019,   2019 Liability Insurance

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San Francisco Tour Guide Guild was organized in 1984 to provide professional development for tour guides, tour directors, and hospitality workers. Our goal is to provide tour training and certification, networking, and job matching with those needing professional tour guide services in the Northern California Region.

So if you are a professional tour guide seeking to advance your career, have a need for a local guide, or just interested in the local sightseeing information we have accumulated, welcome to SFTGG!

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What is Certification?

SFTGG provides a rigorous process for achieving professional certification, developed over time by the many professional tour guides within the Guild. Five different geographical areas are included, from Monterrey to Wine Country, and applicants are tested via both written and oral tests. Usually the process takes over two years.

By hiring a certified Guide, tour operators and private individuals are assured of the highest quality standards of performance and accuracy. For more information on Tour Guide Certification, please click here